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Deep Mayer

Deep Mayer

Joined: Sonntag, 01 Februar 2015

Deep Mayer as an entrepreneur, Deejaying has become a full time business not only for Deep Mayer but all the aspiring and upcoming DJ’s, has a visions and aims for the future.

His musical influences ranges from Classic, Soundtracks, Soul and Jazz, Deep House and Dub to my beloved. As a producer, his music draws deeply on the legacy of Chicago and Detroit, yet somehow manages to end up sounding as fresh as a daisy – records such as ‘Long Centuries’ and ‘Desire’ are house music that is half atmosphere and half beats, and not afraid to take its sweet time to lull the floor with their charms.

Deep Mayer aims of being an innovator in deep house music blasts s blitz of energy, driving his avid fans around the world into a raving frenzy; 100% immerse in his fans. The super you and me hero which continuously breaks the world, shaking up chaotic beats to favor soulful and deep house heads globally.