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Greg J

Greg J

Joined: Dienstag, 17 September 2013 | From: Montpellier, France

Greg J’s first experience with Electro Music, started at the beginning of the 1990’s, in Dijon, his hometown. More exactly, in a mythic club called L’AN-FER. All the famousest DJs were in that club: Laurent Garnier, Stéphanovitch, Carl Cox, Sven Vath, and of course Tonio (resident of the club). What great Times it was!

In 1994, he bought his first decks and began to mix in hints of Techno rhythms, so far that it led him to perform for huge events in some great places such as L’Espace Grévin, which was the main and well known place in Dijon where all Techno fans used to go. Settling down in Montpellier in 2000, he involved himself making crowd dance and transcend in a great club: La Villa Rouge.  Always eager to share his enthusiasm and his passion, Greg J decided to organize his own events.  
Indeed, Greg J wore two hats, as a DJ and a director by creating three main parties: L’ECLIPSE, L’ELECTRO GARDEN (private parties and raves) and since 2004, he based his reputation on one famous event: THE MULTYTRONIC SESSIONS.  During this event, he collaborated with several DJs from all over the world like Tonio (resident of L’AN-FER),The Younsters,Extrawelt,David Caretta,Technasia,Citizain Kain,Kiko,D’jamency,Anton’x,Da fresh,Jack de Marseille,Audio jack, Alex Millan, Max le sale gosse, John Thomas, Rykkk’s.

Meanwhile, Greg J excelled his art in mixing in some most known clubs of the region LANGUEDOC ROUSSILLON as a resident like Le Maxximum, Le Gotha, Le Yaka,Le Pigallion, and Le Cox,in which he co-starred with a lot of artists( Scan’X,Audiojack,John Lord Fonda,Robert Babicz,Kaser Disco,Woralks,Michael James,Nic & Kaleb,Sasha Carssi,Angy Kore,Dj Netik, Mihalis Safras,Laurent Ho,Ministry Of sound,Miss Veronika,Maxim Dangles,Spektre,Electrik Rescue,Commander Tom,Piatto,Kevin Scherschel).He also mixed in some trendy bars in Montpellier for instance Le Café Joseph - By Coss.
Last year, the singer of La Folie Douce (both a ski and clubbing area) in Val Thorens was so impressed by his talent that he was offered to perform for two days long with more than 1500 people moving on his sets.
The hat of producer on his head, Greg J and his friend, Greg Laffarguework on a new project, named the G2G:  Greg Laffargue is known as a singer and composer and has also one album into his career on My Major Company. This project is composed of Electro music, singing, guitar, and percussion instrument. Another project in duet with Chris Edna, producing and creating sets with several record labels like Scander Records,Power Recording,Elettrika Rec,Tainted Buddah Records,Apoxis Rec and the lastest being ,Electronic Groove Culture, a German record label.

Greg J is a well-established DJ, who imposes his style on his own with an unforgiving technique. All his performances are eclectic,getting easily from Teck House to Electro music or Techno with deep and jazzy hints with always on his mind one aim: The respect of the dance floor. 20 years of sets in his storied career but still animated by his passion and nothing  is going to stop him.