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Joined: Sonntag, 01 Februar 2015 | From: Leeds, United Kingdom

Born in 1985 in the United Kingdom the Instigator first came into the world of music in 1993 when he learnt how to play the guitar. The instigator loved the uk indie/rock scene with a passion.
By early 2004 he had lost interest in the guitar and started to love the hard electronic music. Quickly he got his first pair of decks and started to spin the techno vinyl.
As time passed, the harder side of techno started to emerge (SCHRANZ/HARDTECHNO), quickly he needed to start producing his own tracks and has never looked back.

Now Instigator is a well known, extreme hardtechno dj and producer hitting top sales in all the well known electronic digital download sites. He has appeared on all the famous hardtechno labels in the scene and is also a big part of the uk based label Kaos Extreme.

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the scene such as Greg Notill, SveTec, Mark EG, Sepromatiq, Malke, Barbers and many more, producing some of the most dynamic, hard banging schranz tracks taking the hardtechno world by storm and hitting all top sales.