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Jerry Dollan

Jerry Dollan

Joined: Montag, 06 Mai 2013 | From: Split, Croatia

Jere Doljanin aka Jerry Dollan is a young talent and an upcoming DJ and producer from Split, Croatia.
His love for music was apparent at an early age, and he soon got interested in electronic music (at first- Trance and Electro) ,being a DJ and fighting against the raging „Turbo-folk“ culture in his town. He got the chance to buy some DJ gear and play in clubs and bars, first in his town Split, and later on the island of Brac, in Trogir and Vodice, and with time, he found himself in love with techno and progressive music.

With Jerry being very open minded about music, his sets don't succumb to any boundaries, and each of them varies in genre and tempo, which gives them a particular kind of energy and makes them work great in a wide range of venues and always sound fresh and new. He likes experimenting with everything from easy going progressive mixes with a summer feel, slow, groovy deep and tech house mixes ideal for lounges and cocktail bars, through hard, melancholic techno live acts with minimal elements for underground style venues to hard-punching dark techno.
Jerry is able to play on practicaly anything you throw in the booth; CD players, controllers and vinyl decks, but he prefers his own, completely custom DJ/live act setup that he has been perfecting for a long time(consisting of a Vestax PMC280 mixer, two CDJs, custom-mapped Akai APC40, Korg nanoKONTROL, an NI Komplete Audio 6 sound card, a Dell laptop, Traktor Pro software for DJing and Ableton for live acts). Just like his taste and knowledge about music, his equipment continues to grow and help upgrade his music to the next level.

After gathering some experience in playing music and reading the crowd, Jerry got interested in production because he got to like a very particular sound, and felt the need to express himself - produce tracks and fully enjoy and elaborate his sound
He started producing in late 2010, and was influenced by masterminds such as Jean Michel Jarre, Trentemoller, Kraftwerk etc, and the liberty of playing with controllers, as presented by Richie Hawtin, Paul Kalkbrenner and so on. After some time, Jerry's quality in production grew and was appreciated by many of his colleagues so he published his first single „Unemployment“ on an Akrobatika Records VA compilation. His second single „Subatomic Particle“ followed soon after and got very big support. His first solo artist EP, the "Do EP" was released in March 2012 on Fever Sound Records and got supported by many local and foreign DJs. His first released remix is the remix of Alen Simple's „Infarto“, out on Kulture Room Records, followed by his remix of 2Symmetry's „Wafer“ on Exhilirated Records, and Bombilla's „African Kings“ on Imprint DUB Records.
With Jerry being only 18 years old, there is much more to expect from him in the future!