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Klangkontrolle came from brandenburg city, near berlin, and in 1998 they got their first experiences in electronic music. After 2 years full of intensive exercising it was time for the first electronic music parties in the region of brandenburg and berlin. In 2001 was the name "klangkontrolle" born. A year later the interest had grown in electronic music in such a way, their own sound with own electronic music productions. In 2005 a creative pool called Electronic Instinct originated in community of young and creative musicians and "klangkontrolle" was one part of it. By the collaboration of "electronic-instinct " and a nice club in magdeburg, called "alte diamant-brauerei", "klangkontrolle" got more and more interessting for the clubbers in and outside from magdeburg and brandenburg. In fact of all this experiences in the last years, it was time for a new project for "Klangkontrolle". In 2008 they will start a live performance and start to release their own music. In the yaer 2011 starts the first release of Karo-Records. For this time looking Benny of new artists who are innovative with talent and individuality.


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