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Kriss Communique

Kriss Communique

Joined: Montag, 06 Mai 2013 | From: Fabregues, France

DJ since 1982 Kriss passed by a great deal of different musics. In 1992 he dashed into the Electro music under the nickname DJ KRISS of TOULOUSE and his first two productions went out in Belgium, one on the label "Bhuda Records", the other one on a compilation on the label "Fairway Records" under the titles DJ Master Mix Vol. 11 and Vol. 12 with DJ Armand.

Then take out several productions: one on the label of Claude Monet Solid State Of House under the name Leg Puller then a return to Fairway Records with the release of Absolut Hard Techno Vol 1. An important signature with Woody MC Bride on its label Comunique USA Sound in A Cloud follows itself for him where from his new nickname DJ KRISS COMUNIQUE USA.