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Leo Baroso

Leo Baroso

Joined: Dienstag, 17 September 2013 | From: Montpellier, France

Leo Baroso is a producer, remixer and music creator (Current Computer Aided Music). He intended to make a blend of tribal rhythms, hypnotic sounds, ran through the house and progressive trance progressive and minimal sounds. Leo invites you to discover a rich world of music between minimal house, Tech-House, progressive and techno.
According to his desires, the tracks are sometimes pumpin, punchy, or darker. His flexibility allows him to be alert to vibrations. Today, his production technique explosive impacts near the public and the quality of his programming makes him an unique artist. Attractive and rigorous he's distinguished by his originality, his response and work near the communion in which he distributed labels.

Gradually his professionalism grows and managing a track and respond to public expectations become his top priorities. To this end that he can link the production and release [EP] that gives him confidence and originality required to create his own style, always at the service of music.

Now has nearly 10 years working machine, meet him there is a large audience who also appreciates the quality of his productions. Passion is the driving force behind his work and people who saw him at work can attest to the desire and enthusiasm within him.
He decided to bring his many influences, mixed neat and dynamics of different musical styles to create an alchemy that will appeal to an audience of more and more varied.