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Joined: Donnerstag, 26 September 2013 | From: Reutlingen, Germany

Cool, cozy, relaxed - these are just a few things that are associated with the music of ‚Lichtspiel’. At the beginning of the new millennium, the musical passion of ‚Lichtspiel’ began to unfold in jam sessions with buddies. It did not let him go. Various festivals, Dj colleagues and friends drove him to continue to make music himself and expand its capabilities in the field of electronical music. A creative peak for him was in 2012 while he was living in Berlin. Back in southern Germany, he produced tracks like "I dont know" and "Wohlbefinden".

Since that time more and more own tracks followed. The claim was not to be in the crowd and just to make the point of the mainstream, much more ‚Lichtspiel’ wanted to do 'his own thing'. Music that hits, stimulates, relaxes and simply reflects only the self. The development of ‚Lichtspiel’ will never end, it goes on and on.

Inspiration and influence from life, people and music can be found in every track and so make them unique.