Larry Lan

Larry Lan

Barcelona Spanien

Larry Lan has his origin like a festival dj 22 years ago in several parties, but he find hemself more after. He becomes to introduce his dark underground sounds in the production world because he needs to express his internal sensations. Barcelona is his city but he takes his inspiration from every ethnic sounds arround the world.
Larry's style is very particular but he has taken old references as Giorgio Moroder, Happy Mondays, Mueran Humanos,The knife or Warsaw. He combine it with electronics, minimal, house and deep house from our actual days.

More of 100 tracks edited in different labels as, 3Desires, Kraftoptical, Eardrum, Atum Records, P.B.L., Aki Recordings or Electronic Groove Culture. In July, 2013 decides to create exitLab a project that re-joins artists of around the world in order that they contribute his way of understanding the techno.


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