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Marvin Aloys

Marvin Aloys

Joined: Dienstag, 24 September 2013 | From: München, Germany

Marvin Aloys way into the elctronic music business was fast and intense. With only seventeen years he played his first DJ clubshows in Vienna, after hosting his very successful podcast called „Journey to Planet House“. This Podcast could temporarily hit the pole position of the „Austrian Podcast Charts“ and with this smart idea the way into the house music world for the young Austrian was created.
Designing his first own eventlabel „Beyond Control“ opened up the opportunity in creating another platform for presenting his music in the Austrian capital.

In the year of 2009 Marvin Aloys started getting chances in playing DJ sets at the well known Pacha Austria Club located in Ischgl. This created the possibilty in hosting DJ sets in the western part of Austria as well. In further happening Marvin Aloys played at almost every noticeable nightclub in Austria, first shows in Germany, Switzerland, Turkey & Spain were organized and own productions were ready to hit the online stores.

In 2011 Marvin Aloys finally released his first record on the traditional Berlin house music label called: „Caus-N-ff-ct Records“. Afterwards his first official remix „Open your Mind“ Marvin Aloys / Poker About Blank / 2013 was released under the Autsrian house music label called „Housevision Records“ and in 2013 another track was put into stores under the label „Fireworxx Records“.

These releases helped him further and allowed him to play DJ residencies at „Pacha Ischgl“, „Ene Mene Moove Terrace Hill Hamburg“, „Laute Liebe Munich“ and more.
In cooperation with MTV, Marvin Aloys was also deejaying twice at the biggest outdoor festival in Europe (Danube Festival Vienna), which is also noticed as one of the highlights of his DJ career.

In the year 2013 Marvin Aloys performed as a DJ in Capetown, „Pratersauna“ in Vienna, at the international charity event „Life Ball“ and at further locations. Right now he is hosting rooftop events in Innsbruck, inviting international DJ´s in a designhotel terrace. Further more productions are about to come and an own radioshow is in the making.