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Joined: Sonntag, 22 November 2015 | From: Miami Beach, United States

Microbe (Alias ​​Aurélien Dupont) to start the mix at the age of 15-16 years. Following its early exit Techno disco northern France, he spends long time to learn to mix and perfected.

Microbe becomes a resident of the radio show "TECHNOSOUND" on Europe 2 FMT in partnership with the DiscWorldImport Shop. Then after a stop radio, Microbe returns Bruaysis Radio reside on the show "BEFORE THE" alongside his longtime friend (Sylvain-d), which assures the party house. Many of Guest will succeed every month, E-Max, Lobotomy Inc, Gave, Panik-X Trem, DJ Fox, T-Nikko, Deneck Traxx (Trevor Benz) MYFA, Atomik V, Chicago area, Jules, Miss Gul, Miss Gwen, Nikk, Milz, & More .....

In parallel, Microbe starts slowly and try to composition remixes, bootlegs, and his own compositions that are not really on top until he signed are first EP.

That the boost again and again to dial.