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Raised in a family in which music and learning to play an instrument was a central point of the education, Moe started to play piano at the age of six. This, together with lessons in music theory, was the basis of his passion for music. Being introduced by his uncle to the music of Jean Michel Jarre he tended towards electronic music already as a small child.

Another big influence was the HR3 clubnight. Over many years every saturday one thing was sure: He needed a new cassette to record the broadcast. At the age of 15 he bought his first own PC. The built in wavetable soundcard came with a version of Cubase. This was the start of music production. For over a decade Moe created music in many different electronic genres - ranging from drum and bass to electro to trance to techno - and continuoulsy improved his skills.

After finishing his diploma in engineering and starting a job in automotive industry the music production came mostly to a halt. A lack of time and using all his creativity on the job made it hard to be inspired. The unfortunate state lasted until a big change came: Corona. Suddenly there was short work - and therefore lots of time. He instantly decided to invest in his home studio and started producing again. Moe could instantly see that his creativity was not gone. Not only that the ideas came back, Moe reached new levels of creativity and sound design.

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