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Joined: Sonntag, 01 Februar 2015 | From: Sofia, Bulgaria

Young, handsome and talented hardcore-techno producer from Bulgaria. Patrik Georgiev, known as "Nobody" for the moment is the most productive Bulgarian hard-techno artist.
Not a piano virtuoso since baby, but living with electronic music since forever. His first attraction of hard electronic music was in 2002 and became a meaning of life for him. Inspired by that Hardcore sound, in 2008 he started to make his first tryouts with dark, ruff speedcore. The fist success in releases was in 2009 with the totally Bulgarian compilation "Gabbanarchy" with four tracks inside.
By the time, not much time, trying more and more styles, he found his hard-techno passion. The fist ever finished hard-techno track by Nobody. "Illusionisto", was released by Gamma-Core Records in 2010, in a compilation called "Made In Bulgaria". Soon his music started to touch more ears around the globe and got released by labels, such as Darkness-Falls, Omega, Young Blood, Criminal Music, Friendly Fire Records, Cannibal Society and many more and more to come.
First party as a DJ was in august, 2010 in Varna, Bulgaria with Darkness-Falls. One year later, Nobody have been invited by Adrian Valera to take part in the "Criminal Camp @ Nature One 2011" in Germany, thanks to a great guy and friend from Venezuela - CUIY. After that he became part of the Criminal Bookings and get invited to play in club Kashmir in Budapest, Hungary. He have been on one stage with artists, such as Mario Ranieri, Adrian Valera, Sandy Warez, Angerfist, Matthew, Dualizers, Miss K8, AniMe, Korsakoff, SveTec, Barbers, Sepromatiq, Bentech, XavorR, DJ Proton, Golpe, Arkus P, Jan Fleck, Torsten Kanzler, DJ Amok, FMS, Frank Kvitta, Hammond, Cuyi and more. In 2012 he started a second project, for more hard, dark and broken music called "Insult". No borders with this project, from 120 bpm "Hardcore Minimal", through 175 bpm industrialized hardcore drum and bass, or "crossbreed" as it's called now, to insane fast speedcore and breakcore. Have some releases for NoisJ and Kore'N'Bass Division.

In 2013 he made several successful releases. 2014 so far is the goal year for Nobody. He had some incredible parties outside his country. In january he was invited by Dark Sings for their first anniversary in Cologne - Germany. In june Nobody was the headliner of the Techno Start at "The Most Open Air'', Kiev - Ukraine. And in October he made a little tour for his b-day in Slovakia and Hungary. On those visits he shared one stage with Matthew, Dualizers, Svetec, Sepromatic, Bels On and many more. Patrik also had few successful hardcore parties in Bulgaria with Miss K8, Korsakoff and AniMe.
Nobody also opened a new label for all kinds of techno experiments - Antistar. In this label he is not seeking for genres and big names, but for quality products.

Nowadays he is taking care of Overload, Bulgarian techno organisation,hes part of the Young Blood booking agency and he is taking care of Antistar Records. Nobody's music is played and supported by many djs around the globe and hopefully more parts of the world will see him doing what he loves to do live.