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Oscar Gerard

Oscar Gerard

Joined: Samstag, 15 Juni 2013 | From: San Francisco, United States

Oscar Gerard is an Electronic DJ based out of San Francisco, CA. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Oscar Gerard started his love for mixing with 12 inch vinyl in the late 90's when "Hard House" was at it's peak.

His influences at the time were artist/producers Kevin Halstead, Angel Alanis, Bad Boy Bill, Rick Garcia, Richard Vission, Swedish Egil and many others. During this time he was able to create and distribute mix tapes to party goers in the L.A. area.

During a brief hiatus, Oscar Gerard began his presence in the Los Angeles Electronic Music scene by having residencies at venues such as "Suede Lounge" and the well known "The Purple Lounge." Besides his residencies, Oscar Gerard has been a guest at the following venues Medusa Lounge, Ecco, Green Door, L'Scorpion, Ukuf Radio, BeatFreaks Radio, Area 51, The Central: Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Gladstones (Malibu), DragonFly, B-52, The Kress, SideBar, Rush Street, Atlantic, The Crokcer Club, Hideaway.