Audiosnack (Brandenburg an der Havel Deutschland)


He was born in Brandenburg and started making music in 1996. Equipped with 2 technics and one mixer (Battlemixer) it has been kicked off. First, he was just playing around but he soon developed a passion for music. On the day of the millennium change he had his first gig in “Heizwerk Brandenburg”. He has fast created his own style, a mix of classic and current songs. To this day, he has played numerous gigs.

In 2002, some friends and himself arranged the event “Havelfe(e)tischisten” which are house music parties on a boat. Resulting from a spontaneous idea, this event is still hip in Brandenburg and beyond it.
Local DJs such as Yutanie (D-D Records), S.P.U (D-D Records), Wuffi and Freak (Audiohackers) as well as the Twinpitcher from Magdeburg (Diamantbrauerei) and many more have provided for the adequate sound on the Havel.

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