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Rina May

Rina May

Joined: Sonntag, 01 Februar 2015 | From: Mannheim, Germany

Sabrina M. aka Rina May was born 1982 in Schwerin (Mecklenburg Vorpommern.) She grew up in Limburg an der Lahn (Hessen). At the age of 15 years she was the first time in connection with electronic music, which has gradually awakened her interest. After much time in the Frankfurt area the music of the DJ's was not enough for Rina. She wanted to make their own music.

At age 20, she began with various Producer to work on some programs. It took some time until she had found her program. Now she was able to reflect and develop themselves. She has some years experimenting in different genres, for example: Wonky-Style, hardtekk, until she had found the way to the Hard Techno, where she finally completely opened for a long time.

She celebrated her first small successes on Uptrax, was in the charts on No. 1 and Sunshine Live (Germany Electronic radio) played her music on Track Check.
She put her songs on the USB portal to advise on occupational safety, but also to promote their music carefully. Then she came on a small label, Hardtech-production, where she was represented with 2 EP's on. Gradually more and more people were aware of this and in 2010 was the big breakthrough!!!

The label owner and big Dj named Subsonic from Bulgaria wanted to make an E.P. with her, which gives it as a pay download on the market. It was published on Clock House Rec. The name of the disc says all: Rina May Hard-Destroyer. After the first disc a few months later, the next EP came out. Together with
Little Psycho (DJ and Producer) as a VS.-EP, Game Over, where both were together also produced a track.

The year 2011 should provide surprises. Recently, a second label owner with name X-Pose came up to her. His Label called Sounds Diabolic Records, where he already has other very good and hard producer under contract. There her first E.P. came out with the name Rina May Soldiers of Darkness with a special Remix from X-Pose and people like the destroyed new sound!

The beginning of 2012 is going well. Two new Versus EP.'s with Little Psycho and Puppenspieler aka. Saw cames out! The music becomes harder sound, like Industrial and Hardcore. And the next strike will follow soon. She is currently working on several new projects. Even with some other good producers Rina will work together.

At the beginning of 2013 Rina makes her own E.P. named Rina May Human Sacrifice at the Label Sounds Diablolic Records and decides to give her unusual music-style his own name, which is now called MaY-Core. It already wait 4 more EPs, which were partially developed with other good producers. In February the big Dj and Producer Mash Manson wants Rina in his Label named by Mad Mash Records. These Label stands for extreme Hardtechno and Industry Sound. Rina does not hesitate, because with this label Rina can more enforce establish their own style.