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Joined: Freitag, 12 Juli 2013 | From: London, United Kingdom

Schismatic is a versatile London-based producer in his early twenties. After mainly focusing on drum & bass over the past few years, he have recently moved towards the funkier side of house and he's creating a distinct style that blends old-school EDM vibes with modern production techniques. His influences mainly come from the '90s house, garage and hip-hop that he grew up listening to; music with rhythm and soul.

He have been heavily into music since he started learning piano as a child, which taught him about melody and harmony and finaly got him interested in composition. When he was 15, he started a two-year course at music college and had his first taste of sequencing and production, spending many hours outside class time experimenting with Pro Tools. It didn’t take him long to realise that his future direction lay in electronic music rather than live instruments, so after college he enrolled on a degree in commercial music production.

Through this course, he switched to using Logic as his main DAW and developed my technique and sound to the point where he began getting record label interest. In October 2011, ‘The End’ & ‘Beria’ were released to all major digital retailers as a double-sided single. He then had to take a break from creating his own music to concentrate on finishing his degree, but since then he have been making up for lost time and have a significant and steadily expanding following. So far in 2013, he have had four tracks signed across three labels and his passion for producing is only getting stronger.