Sheef Lentzki

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Sheef Lentzki, born in France in 1991, ever since his youth raised in a musical atmosphere, he suffered the musical influences of his father, who will discover and enjoy music through major events like Iron Maiden or Supertramp! Fascinated by music, he looks loop videos and concerts and soon falls in love with music by bands such as AC / DC, DAFT PUNK, POLICE, TELEPHONE, ... or artists like Benny Benassi, Vitalic ...In 2006 he began making small mix on Tracktor, then installs its first software of MAO. He arrives in his Clubing period, where he see dj as Maxime Dangles, Cebb, Nahr, Julien Jeweil he finally falls in love with electronic music. After 4 years of work "at home " he began finally to the general public ... In 2010 it has its place as a resident to the club Kube in south FranceIn 2011 he made great progress and is now resident at Wall Street! He has played with DALCAN, MISS AIRIE, TRAUMER, PAUL NAZCA CHEWY CHOCOLATE COOKIES, BLISTER BOYS Stereoheroes, NICOLAS CUER, Alcore MICROPOINT, SYNC THERAPY, JAYLEN BAY, and many more...


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