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Tschad el Naka Naka

Tschad el Naka Naka

Joined: Sonntag, 04 Januar 2015 | From: Lübeck, Germany

"Tschad el Naka Naka" is a producer and dj duo founded by Valentin and Marvin, based in the northern part of Germany.
Through many different influences of music genres both ended up in feeling, living and producing electronic music.

1992 Valentin was born in Freiburg and grew up near Hamburg where he began playing drums. Soon he was motivated to learn djing by his tremendous interest in electronic music. His addiction to that music made him produce it on his own and take an even more precise insight into electronic music.

Marvin was born the same year in Saarbrücken, moved near Hamburg in his early years and raised there as well. He is rooted in rock music which made him learn playing the guitar and drums. Furthermore Marvin is very interested in how different kinds of music genres are related to each other and crossing over. So he got to know and to like electronic music, too.

Valentin was doing an apprenticeship as an event technician when he got to know Marvin who worked in the same company as a trainee. They got along pretty well and started producing music. In many of their tracks, analog and digital music is combined by recording the guitar, different kinds of percussion instruments and even several noises. They like to create sounds with analog synthesizers and both analog and digital guitar effects. After a while Valentin tought Marvin djing. In August 2013 they finally launched „Tschad el naka naka“. Since the beginning they try to improve their skills in any direction of recording, djing and producing music. When they are djing, they are pushed by the power of electronic music and how it affects people. Usually they don't have any fixed track order to be able to get into connection with the crowd and have lots of lovely dancing people in front of the stage. Since November 2014 they are active members of the netlable „NixxNeues“ where tracks and compilations are published.