You are an unsigned artist or want to release music with the EGCULTURE Labelgroup?

We want to hear your music! But because of submissions by normal mail often get backed up and essentially overlooked we prefer online demo submissions and information. We currently only use WeTransfer for submissions.

While persistence is encouraged when it comes to booking as many shows as possible and continuing to get your music out there, we ask that you do not follow up with us after submitting. There is no need to contact us, as each submission contains your information and we will get in touch with you if necessary. Thanks for your interest in the EGCULTURE Labelgroup, and we hope to hear your music very soon!

Sorry for the much information we want from you, but it's important for us and the contract.

If you just want to write us a message please use this contactform here.

We respect your privacy: Terms

Important Notes
Do not upload your track to MySpace, Soundcloud or anything else to use for demo submissions. We want the track to be exclusive and not online for several months!